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Christina, Book 1: Twins Born as Light (englische Version)

Christina, Book 1: Twins Born as Light (englische Version)

Book 1 of the «Christina»-book-series; now in English translation (translated by Hilary Snellgrove)

von Dreien, Bernadette

ISBN: 978-3-905831-53-5
Englische Version von «Christina, Zwillinge aus Licht geboren» (Band 1)
first edition January 2019
285 pages
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Book 1 of our best selling book series about Christina von Dreien – now in English translation:

Christina (born 2001) is a young woman from Toggenburg, Switzerland. She was born with greatly expanded consciousness and thus belongs to a new generation of young evolutionary thinkers who recognise, describe and live human existence as a complexity of quantum physics, neuropsychology and spirituality. She has always shown remarkable insight into today's world events and one cannot help but be astonished by her high ethics, her wisdom and inner peace that hint at a new dimension of being human.

Without being overchallenged in any way, Christina displays a completely natural handling of a multitude of paranormal gifts such as multi-dimensional perception, aura perception, clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, contact with other levels of existence, animal and plant communication and the like. From birth, she has also been consciously connected to higher dimensional spheres and civilisations of light.

A harbinger of a new stage in human evolution, Christina, together with her twin sister Elena, incarnated on Earth to spread light and peace. She says, «The lights are already here, all over the world. It just needs someone to press the ‘On’ button.»

The first book tells the story of Christina's extraordinary birth, childhood and youth up to the age of 16, from the perspective of her mother, Bernadette. For Christina, it was a time of becoming accustomed to three-dimensionality, of being trained and tested in order to prepare herself for her life’s task. Christina summarises this task with the three core concepts of freedom, truth and love.

«I am here to help human beings to reach a state of expanded consciousness. With an expanded horizon, they will be able to see what is not working properly on this planet today for themselves. Then they can develop new solutions and perspectives in every area of life that will be successful in the long term. But human beings have free will. The decision is theirs alone.» (Christina von Dreien)

1 Introduction: An inconspicuous girl

2 My biography in brief

3 January 2015: Changes are imminent

4 How it all began: The first year of life

5 Christina’s childhood

6 Christina’s school days

7 February 22, 2015: Insights into the hereafter

8 Elena

9 Souls and soul plans

10 Critical analysis of our times

11 Holistic medicine

12 Light and unlight

13 Consciousness, vibration and energy

14 Special perceptions and synaesthesia

15 Time-change people

16 Dimensions

17 The old and the new consciousness

18 The enigmatic chest

19 Elemental beings

20 The heartbeat of the Earth

21 Christina’s 14th birthday

22 The school system of the future

23 Nutrition

24 Healing

25 Love

26 Further gifts manifest

27 Christina’s pillar of light

28 The phantom of death

29 The names Elena and Christina

30 Telepathy, telekinesis and other gifts

31 School level change 2015

32 Summer holidays 2015

33 Beings of unlight

34 Small everyday occurrences

35 Conversations with Christina

36 The question of career choice

37 The mystery of Elena

38 Profession and vocation

39 2016: A network of light is forming

40 The book project

41 Closing remarks by Christina Acknowledgements About the author "We Are Peace" – An Impulse from Christina von Dreien

From the introduction

(chapter 1)

This book tells the true story of a girl of our time, who was born with a greatly expanded consciousness. She is blessed with multidimensional perception and other paranormal gifts and handles them in a completely natural way. In fact, these abilities are only side effects of her true being. She is a girl of our time who, from deep within, is prepared and willing to put her existence at the service of a global change towards a positive and constructive future.

Christina is by no means alone in this. For some years now more and more children have been born with high vibration frequencies and mental gifts, who emit light in the truest sense of the word with their presence and their words alone. This new generation of human beings exemplifies to us in a completely natural way what authenticity, joy of life, personal responsibility, devotion, love, wisdom and peace mean – without fear and without excessive demands.

At first glance, Christina seems to be a perfectly normal girl, even inconspicuous. Her extraordinary energy level only becomes visible when you look closer. She has always been familiar with higher cosmic laws, and knows how to give us insight into other spheres and planes of existence in a comprehensible, humorous and buoyant way, enabling us to form a better understanding of the current processes on our planet as well as in our own life. She sees even the most difficult scientific and world-political subjects from a multidimensional perspective, surprising those present repeatedly with original analyses and parables.

Many people today are already aware that we live in outdated three-dimensional systems that are unable to cope with the increasingly complex challenges of the present and the future. As never before, human beings long for deceleration and harmony, for new ways of thinking, for new forms of human interaction and structures of life, but many of them still lack the conviction that such a global change is at all possible. Through her own example, Christina is able to give these people hope and confidence by embodying the fact that we are already in the midst of this process of change. The light is already there, but many of us are not yet able to recognise it. Christina says: "All human beings are light, they have just forgotten it."

Her clarity and insight are able to broaden our horizons and most agreeably eliminate some of our major question marks – all without her having studied in the conventional sense. Her example gives us an idea of the enormous potential for development that essentially every human being has. [...]

Christina succeeds in bringing us closer to this uncomplicated and natural essence of higher dimensional existence and the Divine. In a sensitive manner, she touches and moves others solely with her thoughts and words. A respectful attitude towards the whole of creation is always apparent in all her conversations and actions. She says: "Divine intelligence and sentient consciousness existed far before the formation of the earth. Consciousness is the engine, the driving force of every creation. It created matter, antimatter and countless universes. The planets in our solar system, the stars and even the empty space in between – everything is filled with life and consciousness. Three-dimensional life is universally seen as an exception, not as a rule."

By definition, higher realities cannot be reduced to fit human concepts and terms, so they can neither be proved nor disproved with just words or arguments. They can, however, be experienced to some extent with widened perception. This arises from an inner willingness and openness to exceed the limits of the previous horizons of experience and to penetrate into areas of consciousness that cannot be reached and thus cannot be measured with the three-dimensional human mind.

Those who have had a near-death experience, for example, or who have already encountered higher spheres through meditation or the like will probably have few difficulties in accepting and integrating the statements made in this book. However, doubters and sceptics are also cordially invited to study the following without bias and without prejudice and to exchange ideas with us on the subject.

Christina describes the forthcoming evolutionary change of humanity in a highly differentiated manner and suggests viewing philosophical, scientific and socio-political issues from a multidimensional perspective. In an enlightening way, she describes the revolutionary impact that the positive changes that await all those who are open and ready for them will have. She makes it clear: "I am not in this world to expose the mistakes of others or to judge them. All I want is to bring back light and peace to humanity. Then the unlight will dissolve on its own."

Christina quotations

"As long as people carry more fear than love within themselves, democracy, no matter how fair and right it may seem, will always be used for the sole purpose of hypnotising the masses."

"All human beings are light, they have just forgotten it."

"Nothing is complicated in the universe. It’s the people who make it complicated. The Earth is a school, the Universe a college."

"Reconcile yourself with the past, set yourself goals for the future, and live in the present, for this is where all the strength lies.”

"If you look at something as a whole, from far above, it’s impossible to exclude individual living beings and not to love them, because everything is creation. It’s like a mother watching her children quarrelling in the sandpit: although some are quarrelsome, the mother still loves all her children equally."

"Thou shalt not harm a living being in thought, word or deed."

"I am not in this world to expose the mistakes of others or to judge them. All I want is to bring back light and peace to humanity. Then the unlight will dissolve on its own."

"Until human beings know their own planet, they will not be able to get to know other planets. They haven’t yet understood something which is fundamental, namely that it is not the rational mind that produces the greatest inventions and progress, but the consciousness of the soul."

"I am not in this world to perform miracles. I want to bring peace and divine consciousness back to every single person. Then people will realise that they can heal themselves."

"In my opinion, there is only one love. Love is love, and it is boundless, unconditional, without end and without distinction. Love is that which is infinitely available in the universe, a primal substance that is the basis of everything that is."

"I am here to help human beings to reach a state of expanded consciousness. With an expanded horizon, they will be able to see what is not working properly on this planet today for themselves. Then they can develop new solutions and perspectives in every area of life that will be successful in the long term. But human beings have free will. The decision is theirs alone."

"People can be sure of this: Of course, these unlight shadow beings exist, but the good and the light-filled, toward whom they can orient themselves, is present, always and everywhere. Every soul can always choose between the unlight and the light."

"I was born here as a human being with a richly filled soul – with a task for which I’ve been prepared over a long period of time. But, when you do finally get here after this long preparation time, everything does seem rather stone age. But I do know one thing for sure: I’m not leaving until I’ve accomplished my life’s task."

"Many people have forgotten that every one of us is a divine being. Every human being is a light, and only collectively do we become a great light. Every living being carries the divine spark, and each of us is, so to speak, a part of the great light. Creation would not be perfect if even just one of these lights were missing. That’s what I want to tell people."

"Genius is our heritage, free will our power, and the insurmountable a plaything for our soul."

"The essence of life feels like love, appears as beauty and has the sound of truth."

Alles Weise ist leise.