TranscEnding the Global Power Game

TranscEnding the Global Power Game

Hidden Agendas, Divine Intervention and the New Earth.
  • Risi Armin

  • ISBN: 978-3-906347-67-7
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    Erstauflage Januar 2004
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«Machtwechsel auf der Erde» : Die (erweiterte) englische Übersetzung. «TranscEnding the... mehr
Produktinformationen "TranscEnding the Global Power Game"

«Machtwechsel auf der Erde»: Die (erweiterte) englische Übersetzung.

«TranscEnding the Global Power Game» folgt im Aufbau dem Buch «Machtwechsel auf der Erde», doch ist diese Fassung völlig neu geschrieben und kompakter, und es wurden auch wichtige Zusammenhänge aus den anderen Trilogie-Bänden mit aufgenommen. So ist ein in sich abgeschlossenes Werk entstanden, das selbst angestammte Risi-Leser nochmals neu zu begeistern vermag.


The global crisis, X-rayed from a spiritual perspective: Whatever happens on the visible plane has its roots in invisible dimensions; reality is more than meets the eye. This is the essence of all spiritual teachings and mystery schools, and it is the key to understanding what actually happens on the stage of the global power game.

Here, in a unique compendium, you get to know what the world looks like when seen from this «paranormal» viewpoint. Step by step, the author unfolds stunning insights into the hidden dimensions of secret politics, money-pulation and the ongoing transformation. The pieces are put together to reveal an exciting puzzle:

  • Ancient knowledge and new revelations
  • The conclusive meaning of the symbolism of light and darkness
  • The ideology of the «illuminati»
  • The roots and goals of today’s secret societies
  • Prophecies regarding money and the «crash»
  • Alien forces and the presence of the Light beings
  • Our role in this cosmic drama
The Memory Genius Introduction Part I: Planet Earth  – Focus of a Cosmic Power Game...

The Memory Genius

Part I: Planet Earth –
Focus of a Cosmic Power Game

1) The Mystery of Oneness and Duality
Light and shadows on earth • Getting the bigger picture • Is everything relative? • Does evil originate from humans alone? • Perceiving the inconceivable • Duality and individuality • Cosmic Genesis and the origin of duality • Light does not cast shadows • The psychology of the fallen • Ego projection and the I-AM consciousness • So-called good creates evil • The role of evil in spiritual evolution • Temptation and false promises • Kali-yuga: The fall into utmost condensed matter • The infiltration and manipulation of religions

2) The Programming of Consciousness and How to Transcend It
The consequences of materialism • The mental ocean and its elemental waves • Subtle-material dictations • Resonance caused by elementals • War starts in the mind • How to dissolve elementals • The elevation of consciousness and the impeding forces • Love and forgiveness •
Differentiating without judging

3) Covert Forces behind the Scenes
‘The Big Four’ • Who are the ‘Big Four’? • Power and magic forces • Long-term planning • Inferiors, superiors and ulteriors • The ulteriors and their financial power • The ulteriors and their secret societies • The American Civil War • The French Revolution • Subtle influence and incarnation • How money began to rule the world • Enticing and mellifluous • The diversity of lodges

4) Facing Darkness and Light 113
Are there criteria for differentiating? • Where the road forks • The Relative and the Absolute • The trap of absolutizing • The fall from polarity into duality • Misconceiving reality in terms of duality • Materialism, pantheism and deism • Materialistic and occult monism • The philosophy of the illuminati • The trap of false justification • Maya and the I-AM consciousness • From darkness to light • One and different, or one and in-different? • Karma = predestination + free will • God’s laws and God’s will • Divine paradox: being individual and one • The mystery of unconditional love • Love, the real form of mercy • Experiencing the eternal in temporary situations • Divine love and earthly love • The empowerment of men and women • The example of Jesus and Mary Magdalene • Invisible to the dark forces

5) Sacred Knowledge and Secret Societies: A Long History of Devotion and Deviation
The two sides of the dark age • Sacred knowledge becomes secret • The loss of neutrality and purity • False priests and prophets • Victims become adversaries of their former tormentors • Secret societies begin to oppose worldly religions • Freemasons as an example of a secret society
• Lodge members in public action • Christianity and Freemasonry – an ancient strife • Humanism against absolutism • Fundamental Controversy • Secret ‘double agents’ in the first crusade • The sudden appearance of the Templars • Jesus seen from the Lodge perspective • A telling prophecy • From the Templars to Free masonry

Part II: Prophecies and the Revelation –
Mankind in the Mirror of Its Future

6) Moneypulation
The attacks on the four pillars of dharma • How gold turned into money • Money and interest – whose interest? • How the Third World was created • Colonies, superpowers and the dream of a World Empire • ‘Order out of chaos’ • The pyramid on the one dollar bill • Why not just one crushing blow? • ‘Divide and rule!’ • Historical excursus: Ulterior influence in Russia

7) The End-Time Code 666
What was the purpose of the last sixty years? • Why world power? • When will it come about? • The two apocalyptic ‘beasts’ • The triple six as a magical code • 6-6-6 is present world-wide • Is 666 an evil number? • Some simple games with numbers • Is there a triple six hidden in the
bar code?

8) Unlimited Technological Progress – to What End?
Abolishment of cash money – fact or fiction? • Everything put on one card? • Implantable microchips for humans • Globalization of the Web • The danger of the mark • What might the next steps be?

9) People Cannot Say They Did Not Know
Occurrences as never experienced before • The two half-times of Tribulation • The second half of Tribulation • The army of two hundred million soldiers • The construction of the third Temple in Jerusalem • The crucial element of the scenario • God’s seal, the new song and the everlasting gospel

10) Divine Protection and Intervention
What does ‘chosen’ mean? • Protection by ascension • The gateway to transformation • Developing a Light body • ‘Sheltered in heaven’ • How can we avoid being 666-marked? • Examples of former ascensions and evacuations • Babylon and beyond

Part III: The Cosmic Background of Past and Present History

11) Interdimensional Contacts Rediscovered 
Cosmic hierarchy • Man’s position in the multidimensional cosmos • The revival of higher abilities • Communication with higher dimensions • The mystery of the ‘inner word’ • The Spirit of truth in modern times • The harmony of unlimited points of view • False love and light

12) The Hidden History of Mankind Newly Revealed
Lost knowledge from new sources • ‘The Human Experience – Then and Now’ • Apocalypse now?

13) How Much Truth Is There in Science Fiction?
Reptoid influence at the beginning of Kali-yuga • A testimony from Borneo • Traces in Sumerian mythology • The children of the feather and the children of the serpent • UFOs – an age-old phenomenon? • Strange flying objects after WW II • The suppression of public research
• What did the astronauts see? • Universal team or interplanetary war? • Disclosures and misinformation • A speculative scenario • Reminiscent of the Apocalypse

14) The Future That Is Now
From manifestation to incarnation • Mythological history of mankind (part 1) • Invisible helpers • Mythological history of mankind (part 2) • The illusion of division • Removing the veil • Experiencing the Spirit of truth

The Author

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